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Specializing in PBID Planning, Consulting, Startup and Management


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Consulting on all elements of BID planning including, district evaluation, maintenance planning, revenue needs and governmental requirements.



NBIDA will help you structure and maintain a start-up plan to hit the ground running, in order to have the maximum positive impact as quickly as possible.


NBIDA allows even the smallest districts to afford professional district management at a cost that is unbelievably affordable.  As consultants that deal with the regulatory requirements of running a PBID everyday, NBIDA helps board members stay within the law and run an effective PBID.



The National Business Improvement Associations mission is

to assist communities in starting, maintaining

and growing Property Improvement Districts.

Sacramento Navigators By NBIDA


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Sacramento Navigators (SacNav) advocates for homeless individuals while protecting property owners and their property values. SacNav works on behalf of individual property and business owners, as well as associations and Property Business Improvement Districts, to assist homeless and transient individuals to find the help they need - while lowering the impact upon partner properties, surrounding businesses, and the overall community.

SacNav works with the County and State homeless provider agencies, law enforcement agencies, behavioral health providers, and other social service agencies to provide a pathway of assistance - and a documented history of services offered, for our clients.

SacNav provides a wide range of services including:

  • Coordinate and conduct outreach to unsheltered individuals on partner properties.

  • Conduct shelter assessments with unsheltered individuals to assist them with finding assistance.

  • Conduct Coordinated Entry Assessment for placement and resource navigation.

  • Connect individuals with employment opportunities, substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, and housing, etc.

  • Advocate with local city, county, and state agencies that can serve as a vehicle to positively impact the addiction issue and provide stronger property owner rights and protections.

  • Document all contacts and outcomes in the 602 Information System as well as the Homeless Management Information System*.

  • Perform ongoing assignments (homeless counts, data processing, reporting) of client properties to ensure continued compliance and success.

  • Provide a certified monthly recap outlining the interactions conducted, services offered and results generated.

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) review and implementation available.


SacNav is dedicated to helping those in need to find the services they need, to sustain them through whatever life crisis they are experiencing. To that end, we have a policy of Compassionate Compliance to ensure that every person is treated with respect and dignity.

SacNav will visit your property to conduct an initial Property Needs Assessment, including CPTED and human needs review. Once the assessment is complete, a specific plan can be proposed based on the unique characteristics of each property.

The first step is to reach out to SacNav to discuss your property's specific needs.

Chris Evans - 530-830-9195.




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Are you thinking about starting a PBID in your area?

Reach out today, we will be glad to help!


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